Research on Wool

Many years of research in a number of universities all over the world have proven that wool is the wisest choice in our bedrooms.

Health Science Factulty in Sydney, Australia, together with the Woolmark organizaion, have confirmed after many years of research, that research participants sleeping in virgin wool "fell asleep quicker and slept more soundly in wool sleepwear...". Virgin Wool gives the best sleep! Click here to read (pdf).

Even other investigations have been made at the Polytechnic Institute in New South Wales in Australia and Hohenstein Institute in Germany that prove that when you sleep in pure virgin wool, your heartbeat reduces and this helps you adjust your body temperature (and, at the same time, avoid those uncomfortable night sweats).

A research at the Family Investigation Centre at Cambridge University regarding premature babies have confirmed that wool helps them relax and sleep better so they use that energy to grow.

More investigations and revelations

It is widely investigated about wool and how this fenomeal natural product can be used in all imaginable purposes, including our bedroom.

New England University in Australia has its own Faculty where they only study about sheeps and wool. With the Australian Wool Education Trust regulations, different projects have been studied during many years. Even Wool Research Organisation in New Zealand sponsors and invest on investigations.


1) Scott, S., Lucas, P., Cole, T. & Richards, M.P.M.  Weight gain and movement patterns of very low birthweight babies nursed on lambswool. The Lancet, ii, 1014 1016, 1983.

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