About Purowool

Our goals that are quality and good experience to the client have made it possible, after 7 years the biggest tour operators are still our partners.

Purowool started on Tenerife in 2009 and since then has evolved with lots of happy customers and different partners. 

Purowool started with André Pehrson that is still the owner of the company. André, who is half Swedish and half Danish, started his career abroad as a guide at the Danish tour operator Spies. He worked there for 12 years and many of those he was destination manager in several European countries for Thomas Cook Europe, the international tour operator that Spies belongs to.

As André himself describes it: “It was by chance that I would end up in the bed branch. I had the opportunity to use the products myself through another manufacturer on Tenerife and discovered how good I slept on wool. I also realized that there was a lot to do to enhance the products and the marketing method so they would adjust to newer and more modern times. It gave me the inspiration and the courage to start something new in my life”.

The target is the quality

During many years and many sunny travel destinations around Europe there has been a number of companies that have worked with a similar concept. It all started with the young charter flights, but experience was then of more importance than the quality itself.

In Purowool we have worked hard to upgrade the concept of it and we have always focused on the products we sell and our talks and presentations. We comment and inform about how important it is to sleep well and how you can achieve it. We do it in an easy and entertaining way and our clients like it - remember, that after all, they are on their holidays.

We care about the fact of not pressing the client to purchase. And that many still purchase our mattresses and our wool products on their holidays has to do significantly with the good quality and, at the same time, with the fact that they save at least half the price of the original price at home.

Teamwork with the best

From its beginning Purowool worked together with Ving, Spies, Tjäreborg on Tenerife and our continuous purpose of having a quality product and making the best talks and presentations - the customer is always the most important - have made that teamwork is still going on and has even grown bigger.

Other important Scandinavian tour operators as Apollo and Danish Falk Lauritsen, Bravo Tours and Suntour have also chosen Purowool as a partner.

This is something quite unusual because we are the only company in our branch that has this exclusive contract. We are very proud of that and it inspires us in our battle to be the best at every moment and we give the customer that stimulus. When clients leave our showroom they have to feel that the visit was worth it - even if they haven’t purchased anything this time.

The concept

We pay a number of the tour operators excursions in order for you to get them at a cheaper price. If you choose this way, the bus will drop you in one of our showrooms and you will then be served with breakfast or lunch and you will be given a presentation of our products. Our talk and presentation is our marketing.

Purowool is located on Tenerife and Mallorca. You can visit us at our showrooms there. Many do also know about us through this website. Don’t hesitate in contacting us if you have any doubts about or products or if you need any additional item.

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