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Mites are the reason of the majority of asthma and allergy cases. A mite is a microscopic arachnid that survives and adapts itself better in humid or moistered climates, hot and dark ones, such as our beds. The mite doesn’t like cold and dry weather and due to our bedroom normally being warm and moistered because of having too much temperature in it, mites do not only appear but survive in our beds.

We spend about 8 hours in bed every night and that’s more than enough to the mite to have to feed from. What it likes the most is our dead skin flakes and that’s what it eats, but what’s harmful for us is its faeces and eggs. That’s what we breath every night and that’s the reason why we wake up with discomforts in our nose and throat in the morning.

First allergy symptoms to mites are blocked nose, gummy, sneezing and asthma. In some cases even chronical eczemas have been discovered due to allergies.

Wool prevents mite allergies

Wool is not moistered and it’s always clean, actually it’s the cleanest material where we could sleep on. Thanks to the high ventilation grade of its fibers, your bed keeps dry and your bedroom temperature descends.

Avoid using carpets in your bedroom and make sure there is always good ventilation.

Feather and down are very popular materials in our beds but they do not only absorb moisture but they keep it as well. This maintains the humidity in your bedroom and it’s very harmful for our health.

But there is an easy way to avoid the dangerous moisture and it’s simply by using wool in our beds.

World Health Organization (WHO) rates mite allergy at number 6 among the most dangerous worldwide diseases. Visit WHO here »

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