Sheets and pillowcases

Preshrunk without chemical agents

We have anticipated the shrunk process in textile products when they are subject of water or heat processes to reduce the shrunk procedure. We make this without using any kind of chemical agents. Instead, we use the latest technics to compress fabrics and adjust them simply by moisture, heat and pressure help. Normally some textiles will guarantee their dimensions after this process in a four percent.

Hydrophile surface - “The feel good” finish 

Common touch techniques make fabrics exceptionally smooth and gentle and at the same time, they repel water.

Our hydrophile treatment gives fabrics a high absortion and moisture adjustment surface (moisture spreads rapidly on the fabric and dries quickly) and at the same time it gives you that wonderful smoothness and almost floating sensation.


• Dry relaxing environment
• Smooth and even to touch
• Machine washable at 60º C
• Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class 1

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