Fiber pillow

Our pillow is one of the most personal items in our bedroom and our purpose is to give your neck the best support during the night.

Some want a soft pillow, some want it harder. That’s why it’s difficult to make a desicion in the shop because we can’t test it. If your neck and head don’t get proper support you’ll experience stiff neck. With our pillow just forget about finding the right one, this one is made so that it fits you. 

Approved content

Content of our pillow is 100% siliconized fibers and it’s been approved by OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and class 1 products. It gives you a comfortable and smooth sleeping comfort and it’s easy to have it fluffy due to its high breathing capacity. Moisture won’t stay inside your pillow and that’s why you will avoid those harmful mites that make us suffer from allergies and asthma.

Adjust your pillow personally 

Our pillow contains thousands of fibers and you can adjust the contents as you wish. You only need to remove a part of the fiber balls and adjust the pillow to the size you want it. In the shortest side of the pillow you will find a zipper where you can easily remove the fibers.

The pillow case is made of a wonderful mix of cashmere and merino wool and contains at least 500 grammes pure virgin merino wool - and obviously it has the Woolmark guarantee and approval.

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