Wool mattress topper

This mattress topper is made of a wonderful mix of cashmere and merino wool - and with at least 500 grammes of pure virgin merino wool per square meter.

This mattress topper does have the Woolmark approval that guarantees that you will sleep with the best wool possible.

Soft and gentle wool on both sides

The wool mattress topper is made with soft and gentle cashmere and merino wool on both sides with air in between, which makes wool breath naturally, that’s why it avoids moisture trying to get to your mattress underneath.

The weight of your body is quite a lot so to protect the mattress topper we have given it a pattern to enlarge its durability. If you turn over the topper continuosly -we recommend once a week-, you will give it even more life.

Protect your mattress wool topper

We recommend you to use sheets to protect the wool mattress topper. Just remember to use natural materials such as cotton, linen, silk or satin so you get the same wool benefits. If you choose to sleep directly on wool it’s a good idea to shower first. Our body does always dismiss dead skin cells that can fade the colour of the wool with time.

In all 4 sides you will find an elastic band so that you can fasten them to each corner of the bed so it keeps totally attached.

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