Wool quilt

The quilt is made of a wonderful mix of cashmere and merino wool - and with at least 500 grammes of pure virgin merino wool per square meter.

This wool quilts does have the Woolmark approval that guarantees that you will sleep with the best wool possible.

Wool gives you a micromassage

As you do not use the quilt the same way as the wool mattress protector we recommend that you follow our advice to sleep directly with your wool quilt, with no bed linen. This way you will get maximum sleep comfort during the night and the fibers will give you a wonderful micromassage as a therapy whilst sleeping. Your blood circulation will get stimulated and prevent stiff joints, muscle aches and cramps. If you choose to sleep with bed linen, we remind you only to use natural materials such as cotton, linen, silk or satin.

Sleeping with a mattress cover, the wool blanket and pillow means you will get the maximum benefits for a good night sleep. What you will notice immediately is that you will not suffer from those inconvenient sweats and cold and moist bed. That is, you will sleep peacefully and you will wake up relaxed and healthy.

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